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"I was introduced to Mike when on active duty in the United States Marine Corps and I witnessed firsthand his expertise in the areas of antiterrorism and counter terrorism. Unit Commanders leaned on Mike heavily for matters relating to counter-terrorism and the development of new tactics to meet constantly evolving threats. Since then, I have worked with Mike in varying situations revolving around force protection and terrorism related matters relying on his vast knowledge on the subjects for use in lectures and publications. Mike has the ability to effectively communicate from the boardroom to the operations level and drive home key points that save lives. He is a true professional asset."


Dale Keller

Assistant Deputy Director

US Department of Homeland Security

Transportation Security Administration (DHS) 



"Michael Taylor presents a complete firearms and tactics package that stresses the absolute necessity of integrating firearms and tactics training.  His tactics package is termed Initiative Based Tactics and emphasizes the importance of having a system that allows a team to operate when there is no time to create a detailed plan, a loss of plan, or a change of plan.  Utilizing the techniques, principles, and philosophies presented by Mr. Taylor, ATF has developed a successful systematic method of conducting tactical operations that is conducive to the ever changing tactical environment encountered by ATF special agents in the field and one that is integrated with the firearms and defensive tactics training that agents receive."


Paul D. Massock

ATF National Academy

Use of Force Program Manager



"I worked the streets of one of the most violent and gang infested cities in the U.S.  I was a U.S. Army veteran, and I was a member of my agency’s Special Operations Group. I had invested a substantial amount of time training with some of the best Special Forces and Special Response teams in the country.  By most accounts, I was recognized by my peers, and I considered myself a competent, well trained officer.  That all changed on the day I was introduced to the CQB Institute, Mike Taylor, and his cadre of professionals.  For the first time since entering law enforcement, I was being challenged and trained to a realistic standard derived from performance driven requirements necessary to survive and succeed in the most violent confrontations under adversity.  The blinders of false confidence I developed from years of excelling at minimum standards, embedded in a culture of mediocrity and androgyny, were ripped off as Mike Taylor and his cadre methodically molded and ingrained the skills and knowledge required to function and succeed while under stress in worst case scenarios.  It has been over a decade since that first course of instruction, and every day since I have been grateful and appreciative to Mr. Taylor and his organization for the skills and knowledge they developed and passed on to me.  Anyone who is called and who picks up the mantle to protect and serve on the battlefields of the 21st century cannot make a better investment towards their retirement than to attend the unparalleled training provided by the CQB Institute."


Michael Smith

U.S. Marshals Service

Tactical Operations Division

Strategic National Stockpile Security Operations


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