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"I first met Mike Taylor and his Camp CQB staff in 1992.  I attended a basic handgun course and was introduced to Mike Taylor's philosophy of Marksmanship, Manipulation and Mindset.  At that point in my career, I considered the training to be some of the most intense, important and practical that I had ever received, including my hundreds of hours of military training.  In September of 1998, I was personally involved in a critical incident.  I believe that without the benefit of Mike Taylor's training another police officer would not have returned home at the end of his shift. I feel the strongest advantage of his training is for patrol officers.  Mike Taylor's courses give an officer the edge.  After an officer completes a course with Mike Taylor, he or she develops a new self-confidence that I feel may de-escalate some violent encounters.  I am more convinced than ever that he provides the most important training a law enforcement officer can receive in the field of firearms."


Steve Caldera


Martinez Police Department (SWAT)



"As Weapons Instructor and Training Noncommissioned Officer, Mobile Training Team, Marine Corps Security Force Battalion, Pacific, he performed his duties in an exemplary and highly professional manner. As Weapons Instructor, he continually demonstrated a unique ability to intensely train Navy and Marine Corps Security Force personnel throughout the Pacific Fleet in combat marksmanship and physical security.  His dynamic and adaptable training methods greatly enhanced the proficiency and competence of the Marines and Sailors.  Additionally, he demonstrated inimitable knowledge, initiative and communication skills in writing lesson plans, student guides and training procedures.  By his enthusiasm, professionalism and unwavering devotion to duty, Sergeant Taylor upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service."


H. C. Stackpole III

Lieutenant General, United States Marine Corps

Commanding General, Fleet Marine Force, Pacific



"On May 28, 1993, I was seriously injured along with my Sergeant during an encounter with a violent suspect.  I was shot several times by the suspect who was a juvenile.  I spent eight days in the hospital recovering from nine gunshot wounds, wondering how this incident had happened and what had gone wrong.  How could a sixteen-year-old kid have nearly defeated us?  Where had I failed?  We all had questions but very few answers.  I had performed as I had been trained and had done my best, but came up short.  I needed answers, but did not know where to find them.  A friend referred me to Mike Taylor and his training.  I enrolled in his tactical pistol course two weeks after leaving the hospital.  I learned more in those forty hours than I had in the previous thirteen years of my career.  Mike's commitment to training, his teaching style, and his ability to impart relevant tactical knowledge is unparalleled.  He provided me the tools to return to work more committed and more tactically sound than I had ever been.  Mike Taylor demands absolute commitment, discipline and safety from his students.  In return, he provides those students the skills to survive and overcome virtually any situation.  In my opinion, no officer should work the street without first having trained with Mike."


Dave Helm


Hayward Police Department



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