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"Our team members have had the good fortune to train with Mike on many occasions. The skills and techniques we have learned  under Mike's instruction have proven to be invaluable in developing our team's effectiveness, and have also proven to be highly effective during actual tactical operations. Mike's curriculum, in my opinion, sets the standard for specialized tactical training. Mike is an effective communicator and instructor who incorporates his impressive background and experience into a well organized, structured and safe training environment.  I highly recommend Mike Taylor's training program - the best there is!"


Rich Woolard


Contra Costa County Sheriff's (SWAT)



"Mike this letter I am sending you is an attempt to express the great appreciation myself and the other members of the Butte County Sheriff's Office feel in regards to the outstanding Officer Survival training you provided to us. You provided training tailored to our department needs in light of the two (2) slain officers who were just recently mourned.  Upon the completion of your training my division received numerous compliments from the students that attended the course and zero complaints. Thanks once again for your professional, responsible training."


Steven Pelton

Training Sergeant

Butte County Sheriff's



"I am fortunate enough to be employed by an agency which was located near a Marine Corps FAST Company. Even more fortunate is that Sergeant (Mike Taylor) was willing to train law enforcement personnel. But this was no POST certified  (everyone passes) course. Taylor taught us that each student must master the basics of weapons manipulation, marksmanship and mindset. Critical incidents are fast moving violent exchanges that require effective tactics that have been validated through actual encounters and are defensible in court. Mike Taylor teaches just such tactics. The law enforcement community is fortunate to have him!"


Steve Harris


Richmond Police


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