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"The tactics, the discipline involved are above anything that I have tried and I'm a veteran military and  police officer. I will tell you this because I have the power to make it happen, my entire department will go through your training. If you desire to be the best and train that way then attend Mike's training."  


Joseph Miranda


Huron Police 



"Those long days I spent on the range with Mike allowed me to manipulate my weapon and instantly fire with surgical precision during a violent encounter. The many hours of training on the use of force and situational awareness allowed me to think clearly and maintain control. Mike Taylor's techniques saves lives.  His unique and motivational style of teaching coupled with experience as a street cop is unsurpassed by any other trainer or training organization.  Every police officer in America should attend his training!"


Manjit Sappal


Richmond Police (SWAT)



"I have spent many endless hours training with Mike. I was tested by a violent armed gunman who preyed upon whoever got in his way. Thanks to Mike, a lot of innocent people, and I went home that night.  Everything that Mike taught me was right on the money. I identified the threat, drew my weapon, and delivered two (2) center of mass hits while moving at an angle in order to deliver accurate fire onto a partially hidden and moving target.  As a result of the intense training that I received from Mike, I suffered no stress injuries and was able to return to work the next day. Mike's training is very realistic, there is no fluff.  Mike gets to the point and drives it home. I am very thankful that I had the privilege to train with Mike and will continue to do so as long as I wear the badge. There is no substitute for hard training."  


Jeff Jones

Deputy US Marshal 

US Marshals Service 

Special Operations Group (SOG)


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