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"The tactics developed and taught by Mike Taylor prepare anyone for 'Worst Case Scenario'. Today's 'Worst Case Scenario' has been defined as 'The Active Shooter'.  His 'Initiative Based Tactics' philosophy is the perfect response for such scenarios. The training and philosophy offered by Mike Taylor has helped our tactical unit reach levels of performance that were unimaginable.  We live in world today where citizens and patrol officers rightfully demand the highest performance from their tactical units, your training has helped our team reach that level. Mike never forget, anyone can follow, but to lead as you have in the field of CQB Tactics takes a relentless commitment to excellence and nothing less."


Dino Zogrofos


San Francisco Special Operations Group (SOG)



"I have just completed your Tactical Pistol Course and all I can say is WOW! I used I think I was a fairly competent shooter, however, I was humbled by your training theories and intensity. I came away with a better understanding of marksmanship, weapon manipulation and mindset. The training methodology and intensity is a must-have in the arsenal of a police officer.  I thank you for giving me the training that will help me throughout my career in law enforcement.  The mastering of the basics is as simple as it gets.  However, there should be a sign posted for people attending:  Warning, this is a high-speed turbulent ride -  enter at your own risk!"


Al Bagos

Training Unit

Fairfield Police (SWAT)



"I have been employed as Deputy Sheriff full time now for nine years and have no doubt, after attending Mike's training, that I am still alive simply by the grace of God. Mike Taylor taught me things I never even thought of, but wonder why I didn't.  He has changed my outlook on the necessity for this kind of training and put me in whole new mindset. Mike Taylor has a way of getting you to reach further inside yourself than you ever thought you could and keep fighting. If you can't handle the tactics that Mike teaches, then you should think twice about what you are doing if you are a Law Enforcement Officer, because it is real!"


Wes Francis


Lyon County Sheriff's (SWAT)


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