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"I am writing this letter to express my profound impressiveness with the level of training provided by Mr. Mike Taylor. Somewhat reluctant at first, I finally agreed and Mike came to Maine and provided training like I had never seen before. Mr. Taylor's training surpasses that of any other I have seen in the Northeast. My staff and I have renewed commitment to training.  I'm glad I didn't wait for a crisis situation to go bad before bringing Mike to my agency. This was the best training I have ever witnessed!"


Mark Westrum


Sagadahoc County


"Mr. Taylor teaches the basics an officer needs in order to perform in today's violent environment. This office has defused numerous confrontations and has also saved innocent citizens lives due to his training.  Mr. Taylor's training is far the best firearms and tactical training I can recommend. He will always be a friend of the United States Marshals Service."  


Mike Nelson

Chief Deputy

US Marshal Service (Sacramento)



"I first met Mike when he was a Sergeant and the Chief Close Quarters Battle (CQB) instructor at the Fleet Anti-terrorist Security Team at Mare Island, California in 1989. The F.A.S.T. mission is the security of US Navy nuclear ships and facilities. I started sending my officers to his handgun, submachinegun, shotgun, sniper and CQB classes. He teaches initiative based tactics, which in my opinion develops a team's ability to react to changing situations faster and more effectively. I spent 5 years in the Marines, in both Battalion and Force Reconnaissance and have received a tremendous amount of small arms and tactical training from the FBI, DEA and other professional police sources. I was the first person in Contra Costa County Superior Court qualified as expert in S.W.A.T. tactics and practices. I feel qualified to comment on Mike Taylor's courses, and I think they are the best."


Ovid Holmes

Chief of Police

San Ramon Police


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