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"Prior to the invasion of Iraq, my Marines and I attended a specialized Urban Reconnaissance Course (URC) taught by Mike Taylor and his instructors consisting of combat marksmanship and Close Quarters Battle (CQB) tactics.  The Marines who attended the training agreed that it was one of the toughest training courses they have ever been through, however the value of the training became self- evident upon encountering the enemy in Iraq.  The tactical techniques were utilized and validated during direct action missions such as raids against terrorists and insurgents.  I have the experience and qualification to say as a combat veteran to include being wounded in action that every service member or law enforcement officer needs to attend training with Mike Taylor at the CQB Institute.  The training in the area of mindset stayed with me and paid off when the medics were working on me while I was wounded; with my rifle in one hand I kept focused on the enemy.  The training I received from Mike is one of the key factors of why my men and I are alive today."


Dan Harrington

Sergeant (Retired)

United States Marine Corps



"In all my years of training, I have yet to see anyone equal the expertise of Mr. Taylor in Advanced Firearms Training.  Several of my range instructors have taken classes from Mr. Taylor. In the words of one the experienced firearms instructors, "It was as if I had never really learned to be a combat shooter until I took Taylor's course." I recently selected Michael as the lead instructor for a newly developed POST course called High-Risk Tactics for Tactical Commanders."


Ollie Sansen

Survival Skills Director

Los Medanos College



"While serving as an operator, I along with several other operators, was disenchanted with the tactical training we were receiving. Our team contracted with Mike for firearms and tactical training.  Many of the techniques Mike taught us are being used at our Academy for New Agents and in our advanced firearms course with SRT.  Mike's sound principles, philosophies and concepts will remain a key part of our future.  Personally, Mike increased my individual skill level to a point I thought  unattainable." 


Michael Hayes


Special Response Team (SRT)

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF SRT)


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