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"Tragedy struck home when one of our deputies was murdered attempting to serve a narcotics search warrant. The suspect, armed with a fully automatic rifle fired upon members of the narcotics task force as they attempted to make entry. The suspect then executed our downed defenseless officer. I needed a trainer that could provide my deputies with the skills to not only safeguard themselves but citizens as well when faced with violent, unpredictable suspects. I witnessed firsthand, as Mike transformed select members of my department into a highly skilled and disciplined hostage rescue team. He has provided officer safety training for every deputy in my department. Don't wait for a tragic event to occur before you call Mike."


James Hayes


Etowah County



"I want you to know that the training you provided over the many years was the basis for our firearms program and shaped how Sgt. Starzyk, Officer Leong and Sgt. Walkup courageously reacted on September 6, 2008, when Sgt. Starzyk was mortally wounded in a firefight, but fought on and killed the suspect before succumbing to his injuries. Sgt. Starzyk and the other officers saved two women and three children who were hiding from the lone gunman. From the work you did with Commander Peterson dissecting the scene and debriefing the incident, to the critical role you played in helping our officers through the grief process, we are forever indebted to you. Your peer support was invaluable in assisting my personnel through the grief and recover process. I know that your mere presence helped many of us get through the week. I know our officers truly appreciate the assistance, compassion and professionalism you displayed during this difficult time for my agency."


Tom Simonetti

Chief of Police

Martinez Police



"My co-workers have seen the difference in my weapons handling and marksmanships skills, many have expressed high interest in attending Mike's training. I was impressed enough with the training, and interested in my fellow officer's safety, that I offered to cover tuition for several of them.  Mike provides serious training, for people who are serious about their training. GET SOME!"


Dustin Ferguson

Training Coordinator

Governors Dignitary Protection Unit

California Highway Patrol


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