Over the past several years, police officers have been wounded or killed by suspects with rifles. Having first responders equipped and trained with a rifle allows for a more adequate response to these types of  incidents.  Subjects taught include battle sight zero, data book marksmanship, safety and handling, firing positions, immediate action, transition, moving targets, multiple targets, cover and concealment, reduced visibility, combat marksmanship, shooting through glass, perimeter control, intelligence gathering and rapid deployment.  Live fire out to 300 yards is conducted.


Prerequisites:   Law enforcement and military personnel only


Equipment:      Semi-auto pistol, assault rifle, holster, magazine pouches, belt, soft body armor, OC or mace, baton or ASP, shooting gloves, boots, helmet, eye protection, hearing protection and 200 rounds of pistol ammunition and 500 rounds of rifle ammunition


Duration:          3 days


Tuition:            $500.00