Violent situations where lives are in imminent danger or being lost requires special and realistic training of personnel who if called upon can deliver a measured response or if need be an immediate intervention to neutralize the threat. This is an in-depth course in Initiative Based Tactics (IBT).


The course includes a complete review of previously learned skills in firearms and tactics. Subjects taught include day and night movement, stealth entry, crisis entry, window entry, diversionary devices, dynamic entry, multiple entries, actions at the breach point, emergency evacuation, above ground entries, surgical shooting techniques and risk mitigation.*  Live fire tactical scenarios are conducted. 


Prerequisites:   Law enforcement and military personnel only


Equipment:       Semi-automatic pistol, submachinegun or short-barrel rifle, sling, tactical holster, magazine pouches, belt, handcuffs, flashlight, flashlight batteries, BDU’s, soft body armor, tactical vest, OC or mace, elbow & knee pads, mouthpiece, baton or ASP, shooting gloves, gas mask, boots, helmet, eye protection (sunglasses), eye protection (goggles), hearing protection, 5 flashbangs, nomex gloves, nomex hood, 500 rounds of pistol ammunition and 1000 rounds of submachinegun or rifle ammunition


*Meets all the requirements as an equivalent course for Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) training  as defined in California


Duration:           5 days


Tuition:             $700.00