This course is designed specifically to develop precision shooting skills for law enforcement and military personnel.  Subjects taught include marksmanship, safety and handling, immediate action, transitions, reloading, combat marksmanship, shooting while moving, multiple targets, weapons retention, non-standard firing positions, pivots, target discrimination, one-hand shooting, cover and concealment, reduced visibility, mid-range target engagement and civil liability.


  Prerequisites:   Law enforcment and military personnel only   


Equipment:      Semi-auto pistol, short-barrel rifle, sling, holster, magazine pouches, belt, handcuffs, flashlight,  flashlight batteries, BDU’s, soft body armor, tactical vest, OC or mace, baton or ASP, shooting gloves, boots, helmet, eye protection (sunglasses), eye protection (goggles), hearing protection, 500  rounds of  pistol ammunition and 1000 rounds of rifle ammunition


Duration:          3 days


Tuition:             $500.00