All persons attending training offered by Close Quarters Battle Institute, Inc. must complete an application to ensure compliance with all state and federal laws regarding the use, possession and transportation of firearms and ammunition.


All persons must complete the following two step registration process to reserve a seat in a class. 


Agencies may register for their personnel online to include payment by credit card.  Agencies must provide a purchase order number in order to be invoiced or pay by check.


Note:  If you are completing the registration process and your agency is funding your training, you MUST include the purchase order number on your application in order to reserve your seat.



STEP 1     (Click button)


(1)  Complete the application

(2)  PRINT 

(3)  Sign and date

(4)  Keep a copy for your records

(5)  FAX, MAIL or EMAIL signed application and a copy of credentials

(6)  Complete STEP 2 



STEP 2     (Click button)


(1)  Select course

(2)  Major credit cards and PayPal accepted

(3)  Pay tuition

(4)  Receive confirmation within 24 hours