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 Mr. Michael Taylor has over thirty-five years of military, law enforcement and corporate experience including tenure as Chief Operating Officer (COO) of an international corporation which specializes in aviation and force protection.


Michael is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and was instrumental in the development of the Fleet Antiterrorism Security Team (FAST), Pacific whose mission was the protection and recovery of national vital assets. In 1990, he was selected as the "Antiterrorism Instructor of the Year" and awarded the Navy Achievement Medal (2nd award).


In 1992, he was awarded the Navy Commendation Medal for his ground breaking maritime adaptation of Close Quarter Battle (CQB) tactics utilized by special purpose strike teams aboard US Aircraft Carriers tasked to conduct Visit, Boarding, Searching and Seizure (VBSS) missions to combat piracy and terrorism. Michael was assigned to a Joint Task Force (JTF) to develop, coordinate and provide specialized training to local, state and federal police officers who were on the front line in the "War on Drugs" along the southern border of the United States. He holds military occupational ratings as a firearms and CQB Instructor.


In 1987, Michael founded Camp CQB which later became a nationally recognized military and law enforcement training organization. He adapted military firearms and Close Quarters Battle (CQB) tactics for law enforcement application. Michael pioneered the teaching of Initiative Based Tactics (IBT) to patrol officers and specialized units. In 1989, while still on active duty in the military he entered the ranks of law enforcement as a reserve officer for the US Department of Defense Police.


Upon leaving the Marine Corps, Michael entered the ranks of law enforcement and distinguished himself  in various assignments to include patrol, investigations and community policing. He became a sworn police officer in one of the most violent cities in America where as a street cop he distinguished himself among his peers by performing consistently among the top 10% in reports, citations, arrests, and narcotics and illegal firearms seizures. During his tenure with other agencies he served in various positions to include Lieutenant, Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Commander and Chief of Police.


As Police Chief he was awarded the Legion of Merit Medal and the Meritorious Service Medal for his innovative community policing concepts and leadership, which lead to record reductions in crime and a newfound relationship with the community. His law enforcement awards include the Legion of Merit Medal, Meritorious Service Medal, Distinguished Service Medal (2 awards) and the Police Life Saving Medal.


Michael is a graduate of the Los Medanos College Police Academy and the Law Enforcement Executive Management Program at Humboldt State University. His real-world military and law enforcement experience helps him bring realistic perspectives to risk mitigation, tactical modernization and training methodologies essential to the survival of police officers. Numerous federal, state and local law enforcement agencies along with police academies have adopted his training methodology and tactical techniques.


Michael Taylor is the founder of Close Quarters Battle Institute and the Tactical Fighting System of Chàngyì yú Zhàn which translated in English means “Initiative in Battle”.  This tactical philosophy coupled with conditioned reflex training allows a team or individual to operate when there is no time to create a detailed plan, a loss of plan, or a change of plan.


A highlight in Michael's distinguished career was the establishment of programs to assist needy children, senior citizens and veterans. His annual Night with Santa program provided toys and food for over 2000 needy children.