This course is for members of  law enforcement and military hostage rescue teams. A thorough review of previously learned skills is conducted.  It is an in depth course in  crisis entry, intelligence, rapid planning, command and control, vehicle assaults, breaching and  contingencies.* The second part of the course is exclusively devoted to force on force techniques using simmunitions.


Prerequisites:   Law enforcement and military personnel only


Equipment:      Semi-automatic pistol, submachinegun or short-barrel rifle, sling, tactical holster, magazine pouches, belt, handcuffs, flashlight, flashlight batteries, BDU’s, soft body armor, tactical vest, OC or mace, elbow & knee pads, mouthpiece, baton or ASP, shooting gloves, gas mask, boots, helmet, eye protection (sunglasses), eye protection (goggles), hearing protection, 4 flashbangs, nomex gloves, nomex hood, 400 rounds of  pistol ammunition and 500 rounds of submachinegun or rifle ammunition


*Meets all the requirements as an equivalent course for Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) training as defined in California Penal Code Section 13514.1 as  a refresher or advanced course.


Duration:          5 days


Tuition:             $700.00