Most law enforcement agencies do not have the luxury of a SWAT Team to serve search warrants.  Many officers are shot and killed during the execution of search warrants. This course is designed to build the foundation in the basic weapons and tactics necessary to maintain safety and achieve mission success during service of search and arrest warrants. 


Weapons subjects taught include pistol safety and handling, marksmanship, reloading, immediate action, shooting while moving, combat marksmanship, multiple targets, moving targets, target identification and weapons retention.  Tactical training consists of  raid planning, intelligence gathering, matrix analysis, door entries, room clearing, occupant control, hallways, stairways, room-to-room, crisis entry, officer first-aid, emergency evacuation, basic breaching and civil liability.


Prerequisites:   Law enforcement and military personnel only


Equipment:    Semi-automatic pistol, holster, magazine pouches, belt, handcuffs, flashlight, flashlight batteries, BDU’s, soft body armor, tactical vest, OC or mace, elbow & knee pads, mouthpiece, baton or ASP, shooting gloves, gas mask, boots, helmet, eye protection (sunglasses), eye protection (goggles), hearing protection, gloves and 500 rounds of pistol ammunition 


Duration:          5 days


Tuition:             $700.00