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Dr. Donna Nincic is Professor and Director of the ABS School of Maritime Policy and Management at the California Maritime Academy, California State University. She is an international subject matter expert on maritime issues.


Her academic credentials include a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in International Relations from Carleton College, Northfield, Minnesota. She received a Masters of Arts (M.A.) in International Relations in 1985 and a Master of Arts (M.A.) in Economics in 1988 from New York University.  In 1995, she received her Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Political Science and International Relations from New York University.


Dr. Nincic has held previous positions at the University of California, Davis; the Hoover Institution; and the US Department of Defense.


As a distinguished lecturer and researcher, Dr. Nincic is sought out by many organizations, corporations and government entities for her keen insight and research on maritime security, particularly piracy and terrorism. 


Her recent publications include:


“The Challenge of Maritime Terrorism: Threat Identification, WMD, and Regime Response,” Journal of Strategic Studies (August 2005);


“Maritime Security as Energy Security: Current Threats and Challenges”, in Luft, G., and Konin, A., eds. Energy Security: Challenges for the 21-Century (2009);


Statskollaps og sjørøveriets tilbakekomst.  (State failure and the re-emergence of maritime piracy),” Internasjonal Politikk (January 2009);


“Maritime piracy: Implications for maritime energy security,” Journal of Energy Security (February 2009);


“Maritime piracy in Africa: The humanitarian dimension,” African Security Review (September 2009); and


“The Radicalization of Maritime Piracy: Implications for Maritime Energy Security,” Journal of Energy Security (November 2010).