This course is designed for law enforcement and military designated marksman to develop the basic marksmanship and tactical concepts needed to support law enforcement and military special operations units.  Subjects taught include equipment, marksmanship, data book, range estimation, ballistic computations, firing positions, safety and handling, multiple targets, moving targets, cover and concealment, camouflage, stalking, sketching, reporting, hide construction, timed firing and entry team cover and control, use of force, observing and communications.  Live fire out to 300 yards is conducted. 


Prerequisites:   Law enforcement and military personnel only


Equipment:      Sniper rifle, scope, assault rifle (with adjustable sights), spotting scope, semi-auto pistol, tactical holster, belt, magazine pouches, BDU’s, boots, pack, 2 canteens, 10 MRE’s, eye protection, hearing protection, knee & elbow pads, 100 rounds for pistol, 100 rounds for assault rifle and 500 rounds ammunition for sniper rifle  


Duration:          4 days


Tuition:             $600.00