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Agencies throughout the United States have adopted our training methodology and tactical techniques to include the San Francisco Police, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF), US Marshals, Contra Costa County Sheriff’s, Woonsocket Police and Martinez Police. Our tactical techniques and training methodologies are also taught at several police academies to include the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) at Glynco, Georgia. CQB-I certified instructors have trained law enforcement and force protection personnel from agencies throughout the United States, Central America, Europe, South America and the Middle East to include some of the following:


Martinez Police

Sparks Police

Sparks Police (SWAT)

Meriden Police

Reno Police (SWAT)

Lyon County Sheriff’s

Bangor Police (SWAT)

California Highway Patrol

Burlingame Police

US Department of Defense Police

Walnut Creek (SWAT)

Pittsburgh Police

Fremont Police (SWAT)

West Sacramento Police

Butte County Sheriff’s

Fresno County Sheriff’s

Woonsocket Police (SWAT)

Richmond Police 

US Department of Education (Los Angeles)

Cumberland County Sheriff's (SWAT)

California Department of Justice

US Marshals (Portland)

San Francisco (SOG)

Drug Enforcement Administration (METT) 

US Customs Service (WET)

Brunswick Police

Napa County (SWAT)

California DOC Fugitve Task Force

US Secret Service









US Postal Service (Special Agents)

US NOAA  (Special Agents)

Newport Police

South Kingston Police 

Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

Walnut Creek Police 

Multnomah County Sheriff's

East Palo Alto Police East

Martinez Police (SWAT)

Oakland Police

US Immigration (Atlanta)

Richmond (SWAT)

Berkeley Police (SWAT)

Contra Costa County Sheriff’s

Contra Costa County Sheriff’s (SWAT)

San Francisco Police

Texas Department of Public Safety

Hayward Police

Hayward (SWAT)

San Ramon Police

Vallejo (SWAT)

Huron Police

Alameda Police

Alameda Police (SWAT)

Danville Police

Lafayette Police

Fresno County (SWAT)

Glendale Police

Costa Rica National Police


Etowah County Sheriff's (SWAT)

Etowah County Sheriff's

California Department of Corrections

El Cerrito Police

Fresno County District Attorney's Office

US Mint Police (San Francisco)

BATF (Oakland)

Albany Police

Rhode Island State Police

Providence Police

Colombian National Police

Los Medanos College 

Vallejo Police

Nevada Highway Patrol Academy

Napa Police Academy

US Veteran Administration Police


BATF (Sacramento)

BATF (Los Angeles)

BATF (San Francisco)

BATF (Fresno) 

US Marshals (Providence) 

US Marshals (SOG)

US Marshals (Boston) 

US Marshals (San Francisco)

Kingsland Police

Vancouver Police

Orange County Sheriff's


US Marshals (Oakland) 

US Marshals (Los Angeles)

US Marshals (Sacramento)

Hillsbourgh Police (SWAT)

Brown University Police

Los Angeles Police

Fairfield (SWAT)

London (UK) Metropolitan Police

Costa Rica National Police

North Providence Police (SWAT)

Lyon County Sheriff’s (SWAT)

Vacaville Police

Biddeford Police (SWAT)

Los Angeles County Sheriff's

US Park Police

Sagadahoc County Sheriff's

Warwick Police 

East Providence Police 

US Army ODA, 19th Special Forces 

Sagadahoc County CRT

US Office of Probation

Corona Police 

Nevada  Highway Patrol

Sacramento County Sheriff's 

Emeryville Police

LASD Fugitive Task Force

FBI - Portland Pasadena Police